Ditch Your PPI
is a personalized approach for tapering acid reflux medication.
Through ACA, independent pharmacies can receive approval as a “Ditch Your PPI” Endorsed Local Pharmacy.

Program Components & Pricing

For a $695 investment ($795 for non-ACA Members), program participants will receive access to
5.5 hours of online training.

  • Pharmacology Home Study (1.0 CE contact hour)
    Author – Paul Lofholm, PharmD, FACA
  • Nutrition Home Study (2.0 CE contact hours)
    Author – Wade Seifert, RPh
  • Ditch Your PPI: Creating a Patient Care Program (1.5 CE contact hour)
    Author – Juan Lopez, PharmD
  • Marketing Home Study (1.0 CE contact hour)
    Author Dana Reed-Kane, PharmD, FACA, NFP PhC, FCP, FIACP
  • Program Tool Kit and One-Year Listing on www.ditchyourppi.com
Ditch Your PPI Endorsed Local Pharmacy

Why Offer Ditch Your PPI?

Currently, Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) are the 3rd highest selling drug class in the US with 113 million prescriptions each year and sales exceeding $14 billion.

However, most PPIs are indicated for only 4-8 weeks of use and should not be used for more than 42 days per year (three 14-day therapy courses).

  • 53-69% of PPI use is for inappropriate indications
  • Continued use of PPIs has serious side effects including gastric atrophy, rebound acid reflux, nutrient depletion, bone fracture, progression of kidney disease, and increased risk of pneumonia, C. difficile infection, heart attack, and dementia
  • Patients experience rebound acid reflux when they attempt to discontinue PPI use
  • Step down therapy can be expensive

How “Ditch Your PPI” Helps Your Patients:

  • More than replacing a drug with another drug, Ditch Your PPI represents a collaboration between pharmacist and physician to create a personalized program that includes counseling, nutrition, and a flexible taper schedule that meets the patient’s unique and specific needs

How “Ditch Your PPI” Helps Your Pharmacy:

Pharmacists offering “Ditch Your PPI” provide a new service to current patients and recruit a new patient population

  • Increase engagement with pharmacy
  • Build trust & loyalty with pharmacy consultations
  • Drive revenue from nutritional supplements
  • Compounded pharmaceuticals provide a competitive advantage for flexible drug taper

Offering “Ditch Your PPI” increases and reinforces pharmacist/prescriber collaboration and referrals

  • Pharmacy can reach out to doctor with solution in hand

Marketing “Ditch Your PPI” can benefit your pharmacy in other ways

  • Position yourself as a community resource on the latest information in pharmacy and wellness beyond filling prescriptions
  • Demonstrate your commitment to helping patients obtain optimal health outcomes with personalized pharmacy services
  • Generate inquiries by patients and prescribers about other pharmacy programs offered, including weight loss, drug induced nutrient depletion, oral NSAID avoidance, and hormone replacement therapy

Upon completion of the certification program, pharmacies receive a one-year listing as an “Endorsed Local Pharmacy Provider” on www.ditchyourppi.com

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