Inspection of the Pharmacy

A Fellow will inspect the applicant’s pharmacy, complete the form prepared by the Admissions Committee, and sign and transmit it to the office of the Executive Vice President.

Personal Interview

The applicant will be interviewed by the Admissions Committee at a regular meeting for the purpose of evaluating their qualifications.

An interview may be conducted locally if the Regional Director grants this exception because of unusual circumstances; i.e., geographic distances, difficulties of leaving their pharmacy, etc.  Upon the advice and approval of the Regional Director, two Fellows in his Region may conduct the interview.  These Fellows will follow instructions of the Admissions Committee on procedures and forward a report to the office of the Executive Vice President to be placed in the applicant’s file.

Election of Candidates

The Admissions Committee will evaluate the applicant’s qualifications for Fellowship.  If their application is approved, they will be recommended to the Board of Directors as a Nominee.  Upon Board approval, the applicant will become a Nominee, entitled to receive publications of the College.  Dues are the same as those paid by Full Fellows.


The Nominee shall be inducted as a Full Fellow at a regular meeting of the College or by ACA Fellows in official session at any local, state, regional or national pharmacy meeting, where sufficient ACA officers are present to allow this to take place (e.g. APhA, NCPA, etc. breakfast or other venue).


The Nominee, following their induction, is encouraged to become an active participant through committee membership, speaking, recruiting activities, etc. in ACA.