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Financial Planning Webinars – Free for Members / $5 Non Members

Establishing Financial Priorities and Budgeting AccordinglyCLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW — Money is not an unlimited resource. Setting priorities and budgeting accordingly can help that money is allocated effectively and efficiently. In this webinar you will learn the fundamentals of establishing financial priorities and then budgeting accordingly.

Effectively Managing Student Loans and Other Debt – October 7, 2021 – CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW – Pharmacy school debt is a big deal these days. In this webinar you will learn the options on how to pay off debt as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Important Estate Documents and Insurance 101 – December 2, 2021 – CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW – Dying is not a very pleasant subject for most people. However, most people don’t know everything that has to happen after someone dies. In this webinar, you will learn why having these important documents and the right amount and type of life insurance are important.

How to Prudently Invest for the Long Term – January 13, 2022 – CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW – Investing is often confused with speculation and gambling these days. In this webinar, you will learn how to prudently invest for your long term financial future without speculating and gambling with your money.

How to Effectively Communicate about Finances – February 3, 2022 – REGISTER BELOW – Finances and the lack of communication around them are a leading cause for divorce in America. Have effective solutions to communicate about finances can be very healthy for you and the people you care about. In this webinar, you will learn methods to communicate effectively about finances.



The ACA Foundation offers scholarships to ACA and ACVP Student Pharmacist Members twice yearly; application deadlines are April 15 and October 15.

Currently we have the following scholarships available:
  • Willie Osborn Student Scholarship for Entrepreneurism — $500 cash award plus travel expenses to attend an ACA or ACVP Conference
  • George Malmberg Student Scholarship for Compounding Excellence — covers tuition and travel expenses for an ACA compounding training course
  • Pharmacists Mutual | ACA Foundation Community Pharmacy Scholarship
    $2,500 scholarship will be awarded at the ACA | ACVP Annual Conference & Expo or another ACA or ACVP Conference

ACA Student Pharmacist Campus Chapters

ACA Campus Chapters give student pharmacists an opportunity to learn more about an exciting niche in pharmacy through connecting with other student pharmacists on their campus and across the country and networking with ACA Fellows and Members.