ACA without a doubt is the collection of the most innovative and successful pharmacists in the country. The wealth of information that they possess is available to me just for the asking. All of the profit centers in my prescription shops have been enhanced from the information that I have received from other Fellows at the conferences or by phone. All anyone who is invited to join ACA has to do is attend a conference and the expense that they incur to attend will be returned to them many times over by profits garnered by implementing new ideas. The most foolproof way of increasing profits in my stores is to implement ideas that I’ve heard about at the ACA conferences.

Larry J. Mayhew, Past President, Phoenix, Arizona

Imagine a world of enjoyable people in the forefront of innovative, private pharmacy practice willing and anxious to exchange knowledge and experience – that’s ACA!

George R. Gerding, Past President, Portland, Oregon

As a new pharmacy practitioner in 1975, it was the networking with the professionally successful ACA Fellows which encouraged me to confidently pursue innovative practice site programs. Their sharing at the “This Works For Me” sessions allowed me to be an innovative practitioner in my market. I will be forever grateful for the courtesies extended to me by the “giants” of the College. Their friendship will last a lifetime and for that I am most thankful.

William R. Letendre, Past President, Sugar Land, Texas

I would like to encourage other pharmacists to look into the many advantages of being a part of this unique professional group of pharmacists. If you are asked to join this organization, it is truly an honor. Everything that stems out of this organization is very positive and educational. When you attend a meeting, there are so many ideas and tools to bring home for bettering your own pharmacy practice. These tools help charge our battery and adjust our attitudes so we can improve our own pharmacy techniques in order to better serve in the health care field.

John F. Liska, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

This organization truly cares about its members. Answers to questions and advanced continuing education are there just for the asking. The ACA Research & Education Resource Center is a fine asset now available through the efforts of ACA. There are so many things offered when you attend ACA meetings, you can’t wait to get home and start implementing some of these new ideas. My wife and I both feel that participating in this organization reaps us great benefits in many meaningful ways…benefits you cannot put a price tag on. Anyone accepting the offer to be a Fellow of ACA and then attending a meeting, can only say…Why didn’t I join sooner???

John F. Liska, Lake Havasu City, Arizona