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American College of Apothecaries Announces New Membership Categories

Bartlett, Tennessee — The American College of Apothecaries (ACA) is pleased to announce the establishment of 2 new membership categories, designed to increase participation in the College by professionals engaged in the entrepreneurial practice of independent community pharmacy.  These new categories are for “Pharmacy Technicians” and “Pharmacy Marketers”. The practice of independent community pharmacy continues to evolve and change.  In an effort to bring new and innovative services and products to patients served by ACA Fellows, a growing variety of personnel are being incorporated into the healthcare teams of ACA member pharmacies. Pharmacy Technicians are skilled and valued healthcare professionals who work side-by-side with pharmacists to help deliver the highest quality of pharmaceutical care possible to the patients they serve.  Their inclusion as members of ACA will bring unique perspectives to our programming and services in the years to come.

Pharmacy Marketers are those non-pharmacist individuals whose job responsibility is marketing, sales or communication-related activities in an independent community pharmacy.  These individuals are making significant contributions to independent community pharmacy through their innovative approaches to communicating the service and value-added benefits associated with ACA member pharmacies.  In addition, they are playing an expanding role in also communicating these messages to other members of the healthcare team, such as physicians, nurses, physician assistants, veterinarians, dentists, etc. ACA is very pleased to extend membership opportunities to both of these categories in an effort to be more inclusive of the independent community pharmacy practice setting …… in membership, programming, and services provided. The American College of Apothecaries was founded in 1940, and is dedicated to the advancement of professional practice in independent community pharmacy through entrepreneurship and mentoring by advancing the entrepreneurial spirit of member pharmacists through education, innovation, mentoring, fellowship and training.

ACA is offering Charter Members in 2014

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