Welcome to the first blog post of the American College of Apothecaries! In addition to our new site which launched last year, we’ve launched a new monthly blog to share important information, inspiration and education! Check back monthly to see our latest posts!

January is National Mentoring Month. National Mentoring Month was created to raise awareness of mentoring and as a rallying point for recruiting more adults to step up and be present for young people. But mentoring isn’t just for the young. In fact mentoring is for everyone and it is one of the tenants of the American College of Apothecaries.

There are plenty of ways you can mentor a fellow Fellow!

Attend a conference and invite someone who’s less experienced to attend as well. There are networking opportunities and the face to face time is invaluable. For more on networking, check out the blog on our sister site for the ACVP and click here.

Try e-mentoring! E-mentoring takes place via the Internet and allows mentors and mentees to develop their relationship by exchanging messages online. You can do that through emails and social media. Looking for someone to mentor? Post on our Facebook wall by clicking here!

Invite a fellow pharmacist, technician or marketer to become a member of the American College of Apothecaries. They’ll be able to benefit from mentoring and they increase the pool of knowledge to mentor others! Membership information can be found by clicking here!

And of course students need to be mentored too! The American College of Apothecaries offers free membership to pharmacy students. If you’ve got students going through rotations, make sure they know about this valuable opportunity.

While January is National Mentoring Month, mentoring is a daily activity that’s easily incorporated into your routine! Leave a comment below on ideas you have to mentor others and be sure and check back next month for more tips from our new monthly blog!