(Bartlett, Tennessee) – The American College of Apothecaries (ACA) was founded in 1940 in Richmond, Virginia to empower passionate pharmacy professionals to provide exceptional patient care in thriving community practices. ACA conducts educational programs, facilitates networking and mentoring, and promotes leadership that empowers pharmacy professionals to provide exceptional patient care.

The Waypoint Company (Waypoint) was formed in 2010 and serves over 800 pharmacy businesses in helping them create a plan to achieve their true purpose during and after their life in pharmacy. Their sole purpose is to protect and empower pharmacy owners because they believe successful, locally owned businesses bring greater vitality to the families and communities they serve.

Through this partnership, ACA and Waypoint look forward to serving independent pharmacy owners to find ways to generate revenue outside of the PBM model, and better serve their communities.

Matt Coakley, CEO of Waypoint, is excited to expand their services to ACA members. “We’re excited to continue to serve independent pharmacy owners and help them find ways to serve their communities and look beyond just filling prescriptions,” said Coakley.

For more information, please call 843-873-4420 or visit www.WaypointUS.com or www.ACAinfo.org.


All Waypoint solutions do not charge any upfront fees.  They make money when you start benefiting from the Waypoint solutions.  Call today!


One of the most overlooked lines on a pharmacy profit and loss statement are the employee benefits. This is why the Pharmacy401k team has decided to launch the first annual pharmacy employee benefits survey. This will allow other pharmacies to benchmark their benefits against pharmacies in their state, region and across the United States.

Independent Pharmacy Benefits Survey