Deirdre Myers, RPh, FACA, Honored for Service to Pharmacy Education

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2015 Albert E. Rosica, Jr., Memorial Award Recipient

Deirdre Myers, RPh, FACA, 2015 Albert E. Rosica, Jr., Memorial Award Recipient and ACA Executive Vice President Ed Hesterlee, PharmD, FACA.

The American College of Apothecaries presented the 2014-2014 Albert E. Rosica, Jr. Memorial Award to Dee Dee Myers of Carey, Ohio at the College’s 2015 Fall Pharmacy Conference at Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel in Denver, Colorado. The award, established in memory of Albert E. Rosica, Jr., a Past President of ACA, is presented each year to a pharmacy practitioner for his or her contributions to pharmacy education through participation in pharmacy clerkship programs, serving on various college committees, teaching, working with the alumni association, and making other contributions to academic programs.

Deirdre Myers, RPh, FACA is a pharmacist and a 1983 graduate of the Raabe College of Pharmacy at Ohio Northern University. She has worked in many different pharmacy settings including hospital pharmacy, retail pharmacy, nursing home consulting, and teaching pharmacy students.


When life gives you lemons you get generosity?

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Proust found deep memories in the aroma of a madeleine (a small sponge cake with a distinctive shell-like shape), but the journal Psychological Science recently reported that the right scent may stimulate fairness and generosity.

In an experiment, groups of subjects were placed in two different rooms, one of which had been sprayed with a citrus-scented cleaner. In the first part of the test, subjects were given cash and asked to share some of it with an anonymous person in another room. In the citrus-scented room, participants gave away twice as much money. (more…)

Filling your Pipeline

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Filling-the-Pipeline-Part-IWelcome to this three part series on how to fill your pipeline with new customer leads.

Growing your business is important and the best way to do that is to have a plan to keep your pipeline filled with new leads. There are six ways to fill your pipeline.

Five Principles for Coaching Employees

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Coaching calls for a sharp focus on employees—and on your own communication and management skills. To be an effective coach to your workforce, remember this elemental advice:

1. Observe. Coaches need to be adept at getting information from employees without making people feel as if they’re being interrogated or spied on. Talk to your people and observe them at work to identify skill deficiencies and any other areas of their job they might be confused about. (more…)