ACTION NEEDED NOW! Contact Your Legislators to Request Provider Status for Pharmacists Under Medicare

2020-08-14T11:29:20-05:00August 14th, 2020|Categories: Provider Status, Regulatory Issues|

Today, not yesterday, we need each of you to contact your Senators and Congressional Representatives asking them to push for Provider Status for pharmacists under Medicare.

We are almost there and COVID-19 can be the impetus to put us over the top. Think about services we as pharmacists are trained to do and could implement now if not for regulations—testing, triage, telehealth, and soon vaccinations. We are the most accessible healthcare providers and need to be allowed to practice at the top of our license. Granting pharmacists provider status under Medicare will increase access to necessary services for the most vulnerable populations, including seniors and the medically fragile.  Allowing us to receive compensation for our services will improve the overall public health of our nation.

Please contact your legislators now to request their support for provider status for pharmacists and to send them your comments. If you do not know your federal legislators or how to contact them, go to the following website:

Your help is needed now!