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How to Market Your Personal Brand via Email:

An Easy-to-Sustain System for Pharmacists

by Quentin Srnka, PharmD, MBA (Marketing), FACA
Alabama Licensed Pharmacist
Pharmacists’ Email Marketing System Advocate       901-383-8119

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Assuming that you are a pharmacist, this presentation is about using email communications to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Moreover, it’s about marketing your most costly, most impressive, most apparent, and most productive assetyour personal brand.

Specifically, this presentation considers an easy-to-sustain System for broadcasting engaging health messages via email to the people in your life who may help you reach your goals. The System can be initiated almost instantaneously for about the cost of a daily cup of donut shop coffee.

You are a pharmacist, and you are goal-oriented . . .

Because you are goal-oriented, you obtained your degree in pharmacy; you obtained your license to practice pharmacy; and you obtained your current position. And your goal-oriented behavior hasn’t stopped.

It is likely that right now – as you are previewing this presentation – you are planning new and exciting things for yourself and for your family.

Marketing your personal brand via the “right kind” of email messages can help you reach those goals. But what are the “right kind” of messages? Because you are a pharmacist, there are no better topics than those related to health and wellness. Broadcasting health-related messages can help you.

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Because you are a pharmacist . . .

You can meld a few “pharmacist-only” features into a unique personal brand that separates you from all other health care providers.  Read more….

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Learn about personal branding . . .

You may find these brief TEDx video presentations on personal branding to be entertaining and informative:

“Powerful Personal Branding” – Ann Bastianelli:

“The Personal Brand of You” – Rob Brown:

Your Target Market = Your Email Contact List

The most common use of the term target market relates to a defined audience selected by a business or organization that has “something to sell” – a product (Twinkies®), a service (auto repair), a concept (global warming), or a desired action (voting for political candidate).

When applied to the marketing of your personal brand, your target market consists of the individuals who may help you reach your goals.

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Target Marketing 101: How to make an instant contact list . . .

In just a few minutes, by reviewing your email sent and received folders, you are likely to identify 20, 30, 60, 100, or even more potential contacts. Because you have relationships with each contact, you have implied permission to broadcast your email health messages.

Target Marketing 101: How to make an instant contact list. Read more…

Pharmacists’ Email Marketing System

Although initiating an email marketing campaign may be relatively easy, it likely will be difficult to sustain – because you will have repeated deadlines for fresh messages to send via email. Sustainability is key!

American College of Apothecaries (ACA) provides individual pharmacists with a personal brand marketing System that can be implemented in just a few days and that can be sustained with relative ease month after month.

Pharmacists’ Email Marketing System. Read more…

The Next Step

If you are considering email broadcasts to market your most costly, most impressive, most apparent, and most productive asset, I suggest the following the four-step action plan:

  1. Prepare an initial contact list of 20 – 30 individuals.
  2. Obtain a waist-up or headshot photo.
  3. Consider the words and phrases for your email template.
  4. Connect with an ACA email marketing specialist.

Wishing you continued success helping others in our amazing profession! 

Quentin Srnka, PharmD, MBA (Marketing), FACA
Pharmacists’ Email Marketing System Advocate

The Details

  • At least 30 days prior to broadcasting, you will receive the three forthcoming health messages for preview.
  • Pharmacists’ Email Marketing System is available exclusively to individual pharmacists (ACA membership is not required).
  • ACA/ACVP Members your monthly subscription cost is $25 and it includes the first 500 email contacts or fraction thereof. For each 500 additional emails, there is a $10 per month charge.
  • Non-Member your monthly subscription cost is $49 and it includes the first 500 email contacts or fraction thereof. For each 500 additional emails, there is a $10 per month charge.
  • If you grow your contact list to 2,000 contacts, your cost per message sent can be less than one cent!
  • You may discontinue your subscription at any time.

To connect with an ACA email marketing specialist . . .

Email 24/7:

Voice phone weekdays:   901-383-8119

ACA Supports Pharmacists’ Associations

ACA will rebate $100 annually in your name from your paid subscription to the association you designate if that the association has partnered with ACA to co-market Pharmacists’ Email Marketing System.

If you represent an association that is not receiving rebates, please contact Quentin Srnka: or 901-383-8119

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