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Reach your patients in their inbox (& newsfeed, story, prescription bag)

Position your community pharmacy as a first-line resource for quality, reliable health information with a subscription to For Your Health from the American College of Apothecaries.

  • Receive two new messages each month on topics related to nutrition, wellness, and medications that you can share with your community on your schedule and across your communications platforms (email, social media, print, on-hold messages, bag stuffers, blog).
  • Reinforce the role of your pharmacy staff as knowledgeable, accessible, and approachable health professionals and encourage conversations.
  • ACT NOW and save up to 20%— purchase a subscription before May 31, 2018 and receive our Early Bird Pricing for 2018 of $240/annual vs $300/annual fee (ACA Member price).

Benefits to ACA Fellows and Members:

Demonstrate to customers that the pharmacist:

  • is a skillful communicator of health information
  • is a knowledgeable, accessible, and approachable health professional
  • has broadly-based health expertise (in addition to medications)
  • provides a variety of health-related products and services (in addition to medications)
  • is the community’s pharmacist-of-choice.

Maintain and expand patronage by:
a. building and maintaining relationships based on mutual warmth;
b. engaging recipients in order to spawn conversations (asking questions or making comments about a health message, and/or asking questions about an unrelated health topic); and
c. enticing some email recipients to tell friends, neighbors, family members, and work associates about the health message and/or the pharmacist.

If you are interested in finding out more about email messaging to your patients, contact Dana Easton at the ACA office 901.383.8119 or

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